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Here is the trailer

2012-04-02 15:18:43 by PiasGrann

Here is the link to my first serious animation. I will be making this with my friends so hope u like it. Telling me what u think is a good way of supporting me, thanks


No one read this shit

2012-03-15 04:55:50 by PiasGrann


My facebook site i up

2011-10-18 16:15:40 by PiasGrann

PiasGranns Facebook

Other plans

2011-09-20 16:05:17 by PiasGrann

I will not be working on my madness animation. I am making a animation to one of my friends, or 2 of my friends. So The Madness animation must wait. Sorry

I don't even know if anyone is reading this...
I don't have any friends how have a Newgrounds ac...
Well just wanna rite this anyway :P

Madness Mafia War

2011-08-14 04:17:44 by PiasGrann

Heyhey, I am making a Madness flash. The Info about the video is out on my page. I hope that I will make this video finish. I don't know when it will be finish. We will see. See ya

Zombie Hotel Adventure

2011-07-26 16:39:51 by PiasGrann

I am making a game. Called Zombie Hotel Adventure. Yeah I mabey need help with the voices. If you want help me send a text to me and you will get a voice in my game.

MInecraft flash

2011-06-25 06:42:47 by PiasGrann

Hello, Are going to do a Minecraft flash. It is could Playcraft. I don't know when it will bw ready. We will see.

Minecraft ep 1

2011-05-04 05:31:07 by PiasGrann


Here is a video I made, It is about Minecraft.

My first flash

2011-02-13 14:59:25 by PiasGrann

Yeah!!! My first flash and some people liked it. Here it is.


My first art!

2010-11-26 14:30:31 by PiasGrann

I have paint my first art. It is a start. I will be a good painter in 1-3 years. If you want to see it click on the link: http://www.newgrounds.com/art/view/pia sgrann/the-lightning-drink